About Big Dog Containers

Big Dog Containers is an Western Canadian Company that sells and rents Shipping Containers since 2007 (that’s more than 70 years in Dog years!) Some of the team members have been working on this industry for many years and all the team combined offer you more than 50 years of experience. Big Dog Containers has yards in Alberta and Vancouver and can serve clients throughout both provinces and surround areas.

Big Dog Containers has yards in:

Meet Our Team

Big Dog Containers is made up of a dedicated, bright and enthusiastic group of individuals who have been together as a team for almost 20 years. (That is a lot in dog years!) There is not much we haven’t seen when it comes to containers; and we are up for all challenges, big or small.

Whether you need a new or an used Sea-Can Container, whether you are looking to purchase, rent or even if you need specific modifications made to your C-Can, rest assured that Big Dog Containers team will be able to find the best deal for you and deliver the product on a timely and cost-efficient manner while providing you with an enjoyable business experience. We are proud of our very friendly and personalized problem-solving approach to each client’s inquiry.


Brooke | Sales & Rentals

Brooke is originally from Vancouver BC, where she grew up around containers as her father worked for one of the big container terminals in Vancouver. Her first job in transportation was with a local container cartage company. In 2001 she started in container sales and rentals. With her many years of knowledge and experience regarding containers, she is up to any challenge.


Meet Our Mascot

Our Big Dog mascot is the symbol of integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, and being protective. It is meant to remind us of business rules basics and always bring us back to what is most important to us as professionals: to SERVE our customers with fairness, dedication and kindness and to offer each one of them a pleasant and memorable custom service experience. Our bulldog is also playful, reminding us that we can have fun while providing our customers with an excellent service and product.


Big Dog Containers Inc. is one of the just over 20 companies in Canada with a registered prefix for cargo containers. The official registration of a BIC-code include that “Each container marked with a code “- – – U” is officially and worldwide known to be owned – or operated – by the code holder as recorded in BIC Register, with all the related responsibility (legal, commercial, damage, insurance, etc…) of such ownership.”


Big Dog Containers has its own Owner Code (“DOG”) issued by the Bureau of International des Containers, according to ISO Standard 6346 (Freight Containers-coding, identification and marking.) You can check our registration here.

Big Dog Containers is also a member of the National Portable Storage Association.