Shipping Container Accessories

Along with all of our shipping containers, we provide shipping container accessories to make your container fit your exact needs.  We can also modify or customize your shipping container.  Contact us to find out more!

We rent and sell both new and used marine containers (often called Sea Can, C Can, Seacan, C-can, ISO Container, cargo or freight container) throughout Western Canada. Through our list of contacts, we also sell containers throughout North America and the world.

Divider Wall

The Insta Divider requires no bolting or welding to the container leaving absolutely no evidence of ever being installed once removed. Installation takes less than twenty minutes and can be installed in just about any location within the container.

Our own design!

  • Awarded “Best Innovation ” at NPSA Convention
  • Very popular with the Mini Storage Industry.
  • Can be installed or removed in under 15 minutes.
  • No welding or bolting required.
  • Tough powder coat exterior.
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Pipe Rack

Provides four support arms mounted at 30 degrees to enhance volume capabilities. Each support arm is gusseted for added strength and includes a roll stop to enhance safety within your containers.

Perfect for horizontal storage inside or out a container. Pipe, conduit and lumber are some examples of what it can store. Load tested for 450lbs per rack arm and 1000 per bracket.

Pipe, conduit, lumber, you name it!

  • This product is perfect for horizontal storage options inside a container or out
  • Engineered and load tested
  • 450 lbs per rack arm/1000 per bracket
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Shelf Brackets

This three shelf unit uses two 2x10 pieces of construction grade wood per shelf (not included), resulting in a shelf that is 18 1/2 inches deep. The load rating is 550 lbs. per bracket arm and 1100 lbs. per bracket. Two brackets means you have 2200 lbs. loading capacity.

  • Heavy Duty 3 shelf bracket – 18.5″ deep
  • Lightweight yet incredibly strong
  • Easy hooks to D-rings and can be removed and re-installed
  • Keeps floor space free for additional storage and ease of cleaning
  • Lighter product means lower shipping cost to you
  • Engineered and load tested

4-Shelf Bracket also available – Ideal for use in high-cube containers, as well as standard containers.

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Lock Box (Standard)

Keeps your lock out of view and protects a padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters. Easy to install for added security.

Specially designed “wave” for easy lock access

  • Lock remains 100% tamper proof
  • Bolt on or weld on
  • Available in both right and left hand models
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Master Lock

Corrosion-resistant solid brass body, 2” wide, 1 ½” tall, 3/8” diameter hardened boron alloy shackle. Comes standard keyed different. Also available in ‘Keyed Alike’ -#6850 KA

Master Lock Pro Series

  • Designed specifically for Commercial/Industrial applications
  • Heavy duty Brass body resists corrosion
  • High security rekeyable cylinder
  • Virtually impossible to pick
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Lock Box (Puck)

The construction of the puck lock makes tampering with the locking system difficult. Easy to install for added security. It is designed to be bolt on. 4 gauge steel construction; 10 ½” x 7 ¾” x 3”

Need the ultimate in security? Look no further than our Puck Lockbox

  • Designed for maximum security
  • Bolt on or weld on
  • For use with the famous Master Lock Puck Lock
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Master Puck Lock

Lock for LockBox (puck) 2 7/8″ wide reinforced die cast body, 3/8″ diameter boron alloy shackle. Re-keyable 6 pin cylinder with spool pins. Keyed Different (standard), Keyed Alike Option.

Master Lock Pro Series

  • Designed specifically for Commercial/Industrial applications
  • Lock shackle completely protected
  • Superior cut resistance
  • High security rekeyable cylinder
  • Virtually impossible to pick
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Sobo Lock

High security shackle with maximum cut resistance due to hardened steel and chrome plated construction.

  • Heavy duty large body lock
  • High security
  • Maximum cut resistance Comes with 4 keys
  • 80mm (3 3/16″) tall body
  • 4 lbs
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Twist Lock

These locks are made to fit in the corner castings of the container. Place the pins in the corner casting and twist to lock the stacked containers together.

  • Double ended engineered design for two container connection
  • Superior quality heat treated, galvanized cast steel
  • Redesigned flat handle for added strength
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Container Swivel Caster

3″ Swivel Caster – Heavy-duty. Each caster supports up to 3 tons (6,600 lbs) and comes with brake and dovetail twist-lock mechanism to allow your container to be safely moved around the work area with ease.

  • Easy to install.
  • Wheel diameter: 8″ (203 mm)
  • Wheel width: 3 ” (76 mm)

2.75″ Swivel Caster – Each caster supports up to 1 tons (2,200 lbs) and comes with dovetail twist-lock mechanism. No brake.

  • Wheel diameter: 6″ (152 mm)
  • Wheel width: 2.75 ” (70 mm)
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Providing ventilation to your container helps to preserve the goods stored inside. This vent is designed and built to resist impact damage and comes with a built-in bug screen to prevent rodents and insects from entering the container. It can be installed under 30 minutes, either bolt on or weld on, and does not require painting since it comes powder coated.

  • Prevents moisture build-up and hazardous fume accumulation
  • Easy to install.
  • Strong and secure.
  • Can be installed on the side or the end of the container. Can also be installed on the container door.
  • 2 to 6 vents recommended for each container depending on length of container.

Zinc-plated also available – ideal for high-salt environment.

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For a natural source of light and ventilation of your container. Designed for security and safety.

3′ x 4′ – Heavy-duty one piece integrated steel frame construction

  • Large 3′ x 4′ (0.91 m x 1.22 m) superior quality dual pane PVC window
  • Sliding bug screen
  • Designed for bolt-on or weld-on  application
  • Drip plate included
  • Security screen available

3′ x 3′ – Heavy-duty one piece integrated steel frame construction

  • 3′ x 3′ (0.91 m x 0,91 m)
  • Designed for bolt-on or weld-on application
  • Fold open security screen for easy emergency exit
  • Sliding bug screen included

Window Drip Plate Extension

  • For high-cube container, 48″ x 13″ (1,40 m x  0.33 m)
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Rhino Door

This is a heavy-duty box that comes with four hinges and is designed for both bolt-on and weld-in applications. Hassle-free: simply cut the opening and install.

  • 16-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Insulated and fire-rated.
  • Drip plate included

Rhino Door Design Handle

  • Available with or without key.
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InstaLager Planning/Drafting Table

Can be expanded or modified with InstaLager accessories and comes with:

  • 2 x InstaLager Vertical Tube (48″ / 1225 mm)
  • 2 x InstaLager Horizontal Tube (15.75″ / 400 mm)
  • 2 x InstaLager Horizontal Tube (22″ / 560 mm)
  • 4 x Bolt Bag “A”
  • 4 x InstaLager Connecting Plate/Sloped
  • 4 x InstaLager Connecting Plate
  • wooden shelves NOT included
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Cam Lock for Container Doors

Available for left and right side of container door

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Container Bridge Fitting

  • Used to securely connect two containers side by side or end to end.
  • 11″ / 280 mm

Container Door Gaskets / Seal “C”

  • 2-part set
  • Sold as left and right door set (2 units).
  • Fits most standard size container doors

Container Door Gaskets / Seal Set

  • For high-cube containers

Container Door Locking Rod

  • 45.6″ x 11.8″ (1160 mm x 300 mm)
  • Complete set
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