Privacy Policy

When Big Dog Containers Inc. asks for any detail of your personal information rest assured that:

  • The information requested will be used solely for the purpose in that context
  • Your personal information will never be shared with other parties without your consent
  • We act accordingly to follow the 10 Privacy Principles laid out in PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) to protect your information and remain accountable to our clients.
  • At any moment, you can ask to obtain access to the details of your personal information that we have on file and request that information to be updated or deleted. We will, however, keep any information related to business transactions that is mandatory by law that we keep, during the time that we are required to keep it. For any inquiry about your personal private information, please send us an email to [email protected].

What information will we get from someone visiting our website or blog?

When a visitor fills a form to request a quote or additional information on our website, we may ask the person to enter his/her name, email address and phone number. When you submit the form, that information will be sent to us. We take all the appropriate and reasonable security measures to protect that information.

When a visitor registers for our newsletter, the information requested during that procedure will be forwarded to and kept by Mail Chimp, the platform that Big Dog Containers uses to manage its newsletter mailing list. You will receive an email to confirm that subscription and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time, by using the link provided the Mail Chimp on every email we send through them.

How will we use that information?
We might use the information we’ve gathered in the following ways:

  • To provide you with a high-quality service
  • To communicate with you about any inquiry you have made to us or to send you our newsletter
  • To ask you how we can make our service even better in the future.

Third-party disclosure

The information that you provide us will never be sold to or traded with third-parties. Some information might be shared with our partners taking care of container transportation or container modifications requested by you.

Like mentioned above, the information submitted when subscribing to our newsletter will be sent to and kept by MailChimp, and will be subject to their Privacy Policy (link here to MailChimp Privacy Policy page).

Contacting Us

You are always welcome to contact us at

Big Dog Containers Inc.
PO Box 697
Station Main
Port Coquitlam BC
V6B 6H9

Toll free: 866.376.3818
Fax: 866.383.4479
Email: [email protected]

Last Edited on 2018-08-03