Big Dog Containers sells both new and used steel shipping containers.

Why a shipping container?

  • Safe and dry storage of furniture and personal belongings while renovating;
  • Safe and dry storage of seasonal equipment (motorbikes, snowmobiles, yard furniture and barbeque equipment)
  • Safe and dry inventory storage to keep your store space decluttered
  • Document storage on a dry, safe, organized (with shelves) and accessible place
  • Dangerous goods storage, keeping them safe, away from other items
  • Emergency preparedness equipment storage
  • Safe and portable storage for industrial equipment like power generators
  • Safe and portable storage for tools and equipment at construction sites and farms.

Why Big Dog Containers?

All of our shipping containers are provided customs cleared and duty paid and guaranteed wind and water tight.

Looking for a specific shipping container size or you need a modified or custom shipping container?  We would love to help you find the best solution for your case.

We also have a variety of shipping container accessories that will complement any shipping container to improve security or storage capabilities.

We can take care of transportation for you, bringing the shipping container you bought to your door or the location of your preference.

Some Of Our Clients:

Construction Companies
Environmental Organizations
Schools and Municipalities
Marinas and Trailer Parks
Retail and Wholesale Stores
Landscaping and Contractors

Our Shipping Containers

Out best-selling shipping container sizes are:

We also provide any other size, including custom shipping container sizes.  Just call us at as toll free at 866-376-3818 and let us know what you need.

Big Dog Container Size Specifications (PDF)

Standard Height vs High Cube

  • The most common shipping container heights are 8 feet 6 inches (called Standard Shipping Containers) and 9 feet 6 inches (known as High Cube or Hi-Cube shipping containers.)

Other Frequent Sizes

  • Other frequent sizes in our stock are 6’, 7’, 9’, 45’, 48’ and 53’.

Shipping Container Terminology

The following terminology is often used to describe shipping containers:

  • C-Can
  • SeaCan
  • Sea Can
  • Marine Container
  • ISO Container
  • Cargo Container
  • Marine Cargo Container

Special Use Shipping Containers

We can also find for you:

  • Working reefer containers – Refrigerated containers allow you to control the atmosphere inside to best protect perishable goods.
  • Non-working reefer containers – Indicated to transport your products protected against extreme temperatures in a clean and food-grade insulated environment. Recommended for products like electronic components, footwear and clothing, furniture, toys, paper, fertilizers, beverages and canned food.
  • Double door containers – These cans have two sets of floor-to-ceiling swing doors, one set at each end of the container, allowing you to access your stored items in different ways. You can take the most advantage of this type of container when you need to access your items regularly or to store cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles or any other motorized vehicles, since you can enter or exit from either end.
  • Flat rack container – especially suitable to load heavy cargo from the top or sides (e.g. pipes, wood logs and machinery)
Contact Us For Special Use Container Options