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We sell and rent both new and used marine containers (often called Sea Can, C Can, Seacan, C-can, ISO Container, cargo or freight container) throughout Western Canada. Through our list of contacts, we also sell containers throughout North America and the world.

8′ Shipping Container Specifications


Tare – 950 kg | 2,094 lbs

Cubic Capacity

– 9.96
ft³ – 351.7

Exterior Dimensions

Length – 2,438 mm | 8’0″
Width – 2,200 mm | 7′ 3″
Height – 2,260 mm | 7′ 5″
Door Width – 2,106 mm | 6′ 11″
Door Height – 1,949 mm | 6′ 5″

Interior Dimensions

Length – 2,287 mm | 7’6″
Width – 2,112 mm | 6′ 11″
Height – 2,062 mm | 6′ 9″

The values indicated are approximate. If you need precise dimensions, please contact us.

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Need Accessories?

Twist Lock

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These locks are made to fit in the corner castings of the container. Place the pins in the corner casting and twist to lock the stacked containers together.


Lock Box (Standard)

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Keeps your lock out of view and protects a padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters. Easy to install for added security.


Lock Box (Puck)

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The construction of the puck lock makes tampering with the locking system difficult. Easy to install for added security. It is designed to be bolt on. 4 gauge steel construction; 10 ½” x 7 ¾” x 3”