Shipping Container Transportation

We sell both new and used marine containers (often called Sea Can, C Can, Seacan, C-can, ISO Container, cargo or freight container) throughout Western Canada.

Our mission is to make your life easier. We can take care of the transportation for you or you can arrange transportation for your containers yourself if that’s your preference.

Please let us know what suits you best and we will make sure to make that work.

Transportation costs are not included in the container price. Please refer to the FAQ page for more information about transportation options and billing details.

You can arrange transportation yourself or let our professional team of logisticians handle it for you – the choice is yours!

If you decide to pick it up yourself:

We can load in onto your trailer at the shipping container yard. We have container loading machines that can put the shipping container on your trailer and there is no charge for this.

If we are taking care of the transportation for you, the delivery and pick-up transportation costs will be charged according to the distance to the destination location, the type of truck used and the number of shipping containers delivered in the same run. If we can deliver the container(s) at the carrier’s convenience, he may be able to match up your order with another one to the same area, reducing your delivery rate.

The shipping containers will typically be delivered with a tilt-deck (in Alberta area) or a crane truck (in British Columbia) that will place the container on the ground for you at your site. Please feel free to inquire about the options available to your specific needs.

With the tilt-deck:

The trailer backs up to where you would like the shipping container placed and tilts it into the ground. The truck driver will need certain clearance that depends on the size of your container.

When we use a 40’-long deck, it can ship 2×20’, 1×40’, 4×10’ or any combination that makes 40′ length.

With a hiab crane truck:

The crane pulls up the container from the truck deck and places it on the ground, normally along side the truck. The trucker will need about 20′ to 30′  from the side of the truck or cleared space.